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Event installations are all the rave right now, and we’re all doing it for the ‘gram.'

An event installation is a temporary set-up that promotes direct engagement and lasting memories for you and your guests.

There happens to be a deep-seated reason as to why event installations are so valuable, and why they should be budgeted for and carefully considered.

Installations = Engagement

…and having a positive customer, client, employee, or shareholder engagement is the reason for us hosting corporate events and conferences.

Recent data shows that 55% of business to business organizations are spending over 21% of their marketing budgets on events. These experiences fulfill the part of us that craves social engagement, face-to-face interaction, and human touch (even if it is just a handshake). We are moving away from our private home office into the co-working spaces and filling up coffee shops all over the globe.

Business meetings and conferences are taking on a new format where engagement is a crucial element. We are achieving this with photo-booths, pop-up shops, and of course, the use of real-time technology and software, allowing us to share our experience and stories through a traceable hashtag.

Now - more than ever - your customers and employees want to have real-time interaction with you and your brand, or the brand they support.

I am curious to know what is your company doing to provide this to your customers or employees? When was the last time your company hosted an event and what was the overall takeaway from the experience?

If you are seeking coordination or ideas for your next meeting or event, the team at Jen Singer Events is here to provide the engaging experience your attendees will enjoy.

Contact us today at:

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