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Guiding Principles for Superior Service

Providing superior service is at the heart of what we offer our clients and their guests.

With years of experience in fine dining and the hotel industry, we align with the fundamental principles that ensure the guest experience is exceptional. We do this by paying attention to the details, exceeding expectations, and providing thoughtful interactions with event attendees.

Today we are sharing the standards we uphold for each event, that enables our team and support staff to be the beacon stewards of excellent service.

A. First, guide the guest: Instead of merely pointing out a guest's seat or the restrooms - we have our staff members walk with the guest to their destination. It allows for a brief conversation and offers a personalized interaction with the guest to see if you could be of further service.

B. Use a formal greeting: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening instead of a casual "hi." Our team is here to elevate your event, even in our greeting of your guests.

C. Use the guest's name: Personalize the guest experience by acknowledging them by name.

D. Addressing the question, without saying, “I don’t know.” We encourage staff to reply with "that's a good question, let me find that out for you." Saying something to the effect of I don't know leaves a guest unsupported, so we avoid this at all costs.

E. Always give guests the right of way. In the course of running an event, you will find your event planner on the move to make sure that all choreographed elements are in sync. We always ensure that your guests do not see the hustle and bustle behind the senses. One way we do this is by offering the right-of-way.


F. Nothing is more inviting than a smile – and as your event planner, we are here to provide that warm welcome to every individual involved in making the event happen.

G. Make eye contact. In our mission for your guests to feel seen and supported, we encourage staff to make eye contact when moving through the event and to never shy away from an opportunity to make a positive impression.

H. Offer assistance whenever possible. If you see something, do something. No matter how big or small it is, always assist a guest with their coat, chair, or a selfie!

Are you looking for exceptional service? We can make that happen for you, your team, and most of all your clients!

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