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6 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

In the age of modern technology, you have access to any online training imaginable. From tutorials, how-to checklists, step-by-step Youtube videos that can guide you from changing the oil in your car to knitting a scarf!

The guides and resources can be incredibly helpful, but they can't make up for years of applied EXPERIENCE.

You can absolutely DIY your way through planning an event, and the results could be favorable. For many, this is the best option based on financial resources and internal goals for the celebration or gathering.

However, the ultimate key to success in any field is years of hands-on-nitty-gritty experience.

It is plausible that I could change the oil in my car by myself from watching enough instructional videos. But, I'm not entirely confident that the outcome would be that successful, and better yet, would it truly be the most efficient use of my time?!

For now, I leave the oil changes to auto-mechanics and stick to creating seamless and engaging events for my clients.

Here are 6 reasons to hire an event planner for your event:

  1. Save You Money: Many vendors or venue's expenses are negotiable. Additionally, some vendors give discounts to event planners that they can pass along to the clients.

  2. Select the Perfect Venue for Your Event: Utilize the expertise of a planner with first-hand knowledge of venues in the area. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on new locations and the pros and cons of existing spaces.

  3. Seamless Execution: Your guests will experience the event with ease, knowing that every detail had been meticulously coordinated by a professional.

  4. Manage the Event Budget: Stay on track with budget goals by tracking expenses in real-time. Allow for enough time to make adjustments if costs exceed expectations or if enhancements can be added.

  5. Detailed Plan: Follow a structured timeline for planning your event so that you meet deadlines for securing vendors, resources, permits, organizing teams, recruiting volunteers, and purchasing supplies.

  6. A network of Vendors: Each vendor we work with has been selected because of their supreme level of expertise and dedication to excellence.

Are you looking for support with planning your next event? We would love to help!

Contact us today: | (858)243-1746

Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your event planning needs today:

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